The answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found below :

What types of food can I fill my The Bamboo Family pouch with?
  • You can fill your food reusable pouch with fruit purees, vegetable purees, applesauce, smoothies, yoghurt to drink or any homemade preparation…
Where can I use my The Bamboo Family pouch?
  • You can take The Bamboo Family pouches wherever you want: at sports, school, beach, work, park, car, picnic…
How do I fill my The Bamboo Family pouch?
  • We advise you to complete your first name, bottle date and contents beforehand before filling in your reusable bottle.
  • Close the bottle with the cap provided.
  • Open the “DOUBLE ZIP” closure of your bottle.
  • Extend the bottom of the bottle to the maximum with your hand.
  • Then position the pouch on a table to stand, with the cap on the right side.
  • Place the funnel in the middle of the opening of the bottle and zip the ends, to prevent the funnel from moving.
  • Pour your favourite food into the funnel.
  • Be careful not to exceed the filling line (150 ml – 5 oz) to avoid overflowing when closing the bottle.
  • Remove the funnel and then close the “DOUBLE ZIP” by pressing the fingers along the entire length of the zip, until you hear closing clicks.
  • Finally, pinch the zip without AENTMENT WITH your thumb and forefinger along the entire length of the zip to ensure the zip is tightly closed. When you no longer hear closing clicks, the “DOUBLE ZIP” will be properly closed.
  • Good to know: The Bamboo Family is also compatible with all filling stations.
How do I clean my The Bamboo Family pouch?
  • The Bamboo Family pouches washes by hand with hot soapy water
  • The brush will allow you to wash the spout of the pouch efficiently.
  • The transparency of the back of the bottle will help you better locate the places to clean.
  • The food reusable pouch is designed with rounded angles to prevent food from staying in the corners.
  • The food reusable pouch also washes in the dishwasher in the top basket, after rinsing beforehand.
  • We recommend hand washing to extend the life of your food reusable pouches.
  • The pouch is designed to stand upright, so you can let it dry upside down.
Do I need to clean my The Bamboo Family pouch before first use?
  • We recommend washing the pouch in hot soapy water or washing it in the dishwasher before the first use.
Are The Bamboo Family pouches healthy?
  • Yes, of course!
  • The Bamboo Family pouches are safe for your family and the environment.
  • Our gourds are guaranteed without BPA, phthalates and PVC.
Can a The Bamboo Family pouch be transported without the risk of leakage?
  • Yes, of course!
  • The Bamboo Family pouches are specially designed with a “DOUBLE ZIP” closure that ensures maximum waterproofing.
  • For optimal waterproofing, make sure to close the “DOUBLE ZIP” closure by following the filling instructions described above.
  • The pouch will not open at the touch of a button or by the baby’s small hands.
  • The pouch will only open if you intentionally open the “DOUBLE ZIP” closure.
Can my The Bamboo Family pouch be stored in the refrigerator or freezer?
  • Yes, of course!
  • You can keep your food reusable pouch in the refrigerator.
  • You can also prepare your “HOME MADE” recipes in quantity and store them in the freezer in your pouches.
  • You’ll have ready-to-use pouches whenever you need them and this will save you a lot of time.
  • We recommend that you do not exceed a shelf life of 3 days in the refrigerator (depending on the type of food).
  • TIP: We advise you to use a bowl of lukewarm water or heat in a bain marie to thaw your gourds.
Can my The Bamboo Family pouch be reheated in the microwave?
  • We recommend that you do not heat the pouches in the microwave.
  • When heating in the microwave, the contents of the bottle often do not heat evenly and this can cause burns.